We want to help you find the best talent for your team.

At Anthony Knight Recruitment we want our client experience to result in complete satisfaction by removing the stress and challenges involved in the recruitment process for a business. We appreciate how time-consuming it can become and we want to save you precious time leaving you to run your business. We offer an effective recruitment service tailored to our clients and their needs. How do we work?

  • We guide and support you through the whole process of recruitment with good communication and commitment
  • We do all the important preparation for a successful recruitment campaign
  • We get to know you, your organisation and an in-depth understanding of the job vacancy - the role, the skill sets required, the location and the employment package
  • We search and source candidates that match your requirements who can deliver the talents that you need
  • We manage the interview process remotely or face to face
  • We give feedback at every stage of the process
  • We deal with offers and counteroffers
  • We make sure that the successful candidate understands your terms and conditions making life as easy as possible for all that are involved

Our service and reputation are very important to us so we will do a great job to help you through your recruitment process. Our consultants are experienced and professional with the knowledge and know-how to find you the right person for your job vacancy.