About Us

We do what we do well because we have over a decade of experience within the recruitment industry and we have collaborated with some great businesses. Our vision is clear - we want to enable a business to spend 100% of their time doing what they do best whilst we take away the stress of recruitment.

Anthony Knight Recruitment was established in 2020 and built on a strong foundation of knowledge and understanding about helping businesses find the talent they need to move forward and thrive. We learn about a business and aim to find the best talent for their team.

The candidates that we submit for job vacancies receive guidance and support making sure they make the right decision for them. We aim for the perfect match between employer and employee and focus on delivering outstanding service.

Whether a job vacancy is for the public or private sector, contract or permanent the mission is the same - find the right person for the right job.

Our innovative recruitment team shares our company values - respect, transparency, integrity and inspiration.

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